MagazineVenice with Kids. Four Experiences Ready to Go

Venice with Kids. Four Experiences Ready to Go

Travelling to Venice with kids is a magical experience. Venice gives the feeling of a sort of intimacy; the half-land half-water city is full of Venetians who take pride in their rich heritage. The colourful city’s breathtaking architecture is full of culture and seems to be unmatched by other locations. That is the reason why travelling to Venice with kids is a must when going on a European vacation.

Your children will love exploring the narrow streets, bridges, and canals.
These cultural nuances are fascinating to both children and adults alike, but can only hold a child’s attention so long.

Here six must-do activities for you and your children

Mask Making

Did you know that the Venetian Carnival, in the past, lasted six months every year? During that time, Venetian people could walk around the city wearing a mask without revealing their true identity! The first time masked faces were seen in Venice, or better, have been seen dancing around San Marco, was in 1162. The mask was part of everyday life, and to own one was a real necessity! In Venice, it is now possible to join classes where to understand the real history of mask tradition and learn the technique of preparation. During this workshop, your children will decorate original Venetian paper-mâché mask with the help of colourful paint, beads and feathers!

The Merchant of Venice

A role-playing game for families. It takes place along the Canal Grande, from San Marco Vallaresso to Ponte delle Guglie.
A private boat will carry the family through the itinerary.
And now, imagine being a family of merchants that have just arrived in Venice. Your principal purpose is to build a magnificent palace on the Canal Grande! How can you gather the materials to do that? You will have to face some experiment, to exchange goods and to help historical characters.
A fantastic game for the whole family and, at the same time, an original way to discover the best Palaces along the Canal Grande.

Join a Glassblowing Class and Explore the Islands of the Venetian Lagoon with kids

Murano and Burano are two peculiar islands of Venice. Murano is known worldwide for its incredible glass blowing, and its glassblowers have been developing high-quality techniques for centuries, and everyone in your family will be amazed at the intricacy of the glass and the art of glassblowing. Burano hosts to the most intricate lacework in the world where artisans work during day and night to perfect their craft. Your first stop is Murano, where you will have the privilege to see a small, charming glass atelier and learn all about the art of glass making and watch the artist as she creates glass beads.
Your children will also have the chance to blow in a tube just to get to see what glassblowing is all about! After a short walk on the island, it’s time to jump back in the boat and head to Burano where you will hang around the beautiful colourful streets and canals of the island.
A great way to take in all of its charms, and have the kids run around a little bit. And to top it off, everyone in your family will get to taste the local cookie, which is a delight!

The Lion. The Treasure Hunt

Prepare your children to have a special adventure in the past! The treasure hunt will take place in one of the most authentic districts of Venice: the Sestiere of Castello!

Your kids will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the famous Venetian fleet, visiting the set of important events from the past. Ancient and mysterious alphabets will be found and, above all, we will look for the mythical Venetian lion! Fabulous tales and legends will enrich the walk!

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