The Appian Way

Explore beautiful Southern Italy along the first and most famous of the ancient Roman roads

A coastline of white chalky cliffs and the Gothic architecture of the renowned Mont Saint-Michel monastery are some of the first things that spring to mind when people mention this underrated region in northern France.
Let’s start with Rome, The jewel in Italy’s crown, Roma, is one of the most breath-taking cities in all of Europe.
A striking series of monuments flank the first few miles of the Appian Way outside Rome, and there are also milestones and other inscriptions along with the remains of the road.
Bursting with ancient remains and architecture that will transport you back to the days of the Roman Empire. Rome isn’t the only place you should visit for a taste of ancient civilization, as down south in the region of Campania, the derelict town of Pompeii is waiting for you with its dusty remains, preserved by the eruption of domineering Mount Vesuvius. Campania is also home to a variety of delightful towns and attractions that are peppered along the Azure Amalfi Coast. For more seaside vistas, head over to the region of Apulia, which is located in the “heel” of Italy’s boot. Explore the multifaceted towns of Valditria, from Alberobello, which is known for its whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs, to Locorotondo and Martina Franca, ending in the beautiful port town of Brindisi.

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