Join Tales Collection: Our Mission

Connecting Small and Unique Hotels with Qualified Travel Professionals.

Being small and authentic has its undeniable advantages, but too often boutique hotels are not able to leverage such competitive advantages because they lack an efficient international channel of distribution.
Tales Hotels Collection can help increase their visibility in international markets by providing a professional sales network specifically designed for small hotels deeply rooted in their local community, which lack the marketing budget of big chains

Do you recognize your hotel in this description?
Here’s what we can do for you.

Travel Agents see “Tales Hotels as a collection of beautiful hotels.
But Tales Hotels Collection” is a team of Sales & Marketing professionals.

With over 20 years’ experience in the travel industry, we know the business inside out and have the marketing and commercial expertise to help you open the doors of international markets.
Tales Hotels opens the doors to international markets for boutique hotels which don’t always have the marketing budget of big chains.
We don’t interfere with your overall strategy, we simply help you achieve your business goals. Also, we don’t manage your bookings and your contact details will be made directly available to travel agents.

Travel Agents Audience

Travel agents play a key role in providing guidance and expertise to travellers. They easily understand what people want to get out of a trip and can often anticipate their needs, always making sure to create amazing memories for their clients. The best customers still rely on the expert advice of qualified travel agents. Tales Hotel Collection audience consists of more than 24.000 agents, carefully selected year after year.

Our Audience

Our Business Model

Tales Hotels Collection can help you with a selection of genuinely authentic hotels across Italy.

Membership fee

Membership fee to cover partially marketing costs.
There are three Memberships available, according the support you will require.

Commission on the Sales

  • 12% on booking received directly from the agents.
    Nothing is due to Tales Hotels Collection.

  • 20% on booking received through Tales Hotels Collection Booking Platform.
    Tales Hotels Collection will pay the commission to the agent and pre-pay the hotel

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of being members of Tales Collection:

Sales Call

Throughout the year we have regular calls and meetings with our network of 4,500 international travel agents to present the hotels in our collection.


We host 4 webinars per month to introduce our hoteliers and their properties to travel professionals. Webinars are conducted in English, Portuguese and Russian.


We send a weekly newsletter in English to 35,000 agents across the globe, featuring specific spotlights on our member hotels and travel-related news.

Fam Trips

Throughout the year we have regular calls and meetings with our network of 4,500 international travel agents to present the hotels in our collection.

Social Media

We post over 20 posts per week on our Facebook and Instagram channels to engage with travel professionals.


Your hotel will be listed on our website with photos and accurate, engaging description.

You can achieve important goals.

  • Reach a great number of qualified travel agents
  • Increase your sales
  • Focus on upscale market
  • Enhance margin approaching high-spending segments
  • Benefit from a common branding

Tales Hotels Collection is by invitation only.
Hotels need to match strictly our criteria.


  • Small hotels - up to 59 rooms
  • Authentic atmosphere
  • Set in a charming building, coherent with the natural or urban landscape
  • Outstanding Service
  • Independently-owned
  • Great food (if applicable)
  • Environmentally aware
  • Agent friendly

Further Requirements

  • Pay commission on time to travel agents
  • Respect strictly the Parity Rate, including Offers and Promo

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Every trip we take contributes to build our own life story.

A story that is a patchwork of encounters, experiences and memories made while traveling. And just like fabric scraps in a quilt, every trip we take, no matter how big or long, holds its own special place in our life and contributes to shape who we are.

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