La Foresteria
La Foresteria
Magical mix of peacefulness and serenity
La Foresteria
Magical mix of peacefulness and serenity
La Foresteria
Magical mix of peacefulness and serenity
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La Foresteria

Wines and winemakers are perfect gateways to discover the culture and the traditions of an area.
At La Foresteria, you will get familiar with local rituals and immerse yourself into the world of Sicilian wines.

Simple, serene and effortlessly chic, the hotel’s pink-washed house is surrounded by peaceful hills, Mediterranean gardens and the electric-blue Tyrrhenian Sea.
Set beside a superb stretch of Sicilian breathtaking coast, this lovely country house has everything required for an engaging staying.
The surrounding lush gardens filled with vineyards, aromatic herbs, and olive groves keep the world out.
This area, on the southernmost tip of Italy, has been totally neglected for decades, until Planeta family, leaders in Sicily’s wine renaissance, decided to turn an old family residence into a dreamy resort, with an infinity pool on the landscapes of Western Sicily.
La Foresteria stands on a green hill with a splendid view over the countryside near Menfi, representing the nature and style of the Planeta family’s hospitality. An oasis of peace for all the family.
The wine resort La Foresteria Planeta lies at a strategic point of Sicily, between archaeological sites and nature reserves, and provides the perfect beginning for a journey to discover the island. Rooms

The Culture of Wine

Planeta is the name of one of the most renowned winemakers in Sicily. Planeta Family have always combined the passion for Sicily with a desire to warmly welcome those who wish to discover it.
Wines and winemakers are perfect gateways to discover the culture and the traditions of an area.
At La Foresteria, you will get familiar with local rituals and immerse yourself into the world of Sicilian wines.
The history of the company began in 1995, when they planted the first vineyards for Chardonnay at Ulmo, a few metres from Lake Arancio and from the 16th-century farmhouse owned by the family for seventeen generations.
Dispensa, hidden among the hills, is today the centre of all their activities, with two wineries where most of the wine is produced.
Wine-lovers are welcome not only at La Foresteria in Menfi but also in the other wineries located in the most beautiful corners of Sicily, from Vittoria to Noto, the Etna and Capo Milazzo.

The Rooms

The fourteen rooms of La Foresteria Planeta, with views to the sea and over Menfi’s countryside, surrounded by an enchanting Mediterranean garden with swimming pool, take their names from the herbs you see when walking on the terraces. Each room represents the right balance between function and elegance, and although similar in their warm Mediterranean style, they have different furnishings and provide accommodation for every time of day. They invite you to enjoy your stay at La Foresteria, in the authentic style of Sicilian hospitality.

The Pool and the Garden

The garden is a corner of paradise looking over the vines.
The aromas of herbs invite you to appreciate the essence of local hospitality, between nature and culture.
The aromas of thyme and helichrysum, lavender and artemisia, rosemary and lemongrass, will accompany you into a world of unexpected sensorial experiences. Nothing better than a dive into the infinity pool, located between leafy vineyards and green olive trees, to revive during the warmth of Sicilian sunshine.
When the sun sinks behind the hill, the water reflects its golden glow, providing a magical mix of peacefulness and serenity.

Fine Dining

Home of Chef Angelo Pumilia, the great tiled kitchen is a magical place, where tradition, technique, and genuine products all combine in producing a cuisine which magnifies its links with Sicilian cultures.
His cuisine relies on the Sicilian gastronomic tradition in a contemporary mode, based on firm roots in the area, and offered with assiduous attention to culture and an impulse to explore and innovate.
Every detail is the result of careful attention; from the big white tablecloths to the wine glasses.
Every table enjoys a magnificent panorama, in the shade of the wisteria and facing the view of vines and the sea. The chef’s table at the centre of the room is an ode to harmony, to the family and to the beauty.


Gentle countryside retreat

14 Rooms and Suites
Restaurant • Bar • Outdoor Pool •
Parking • Front Desk (24-hour) • Wi-Fi Internet

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Points of View

La preferita dagli amanti del vino
Planeta ama i vini, e soggiornando presso La Foresteria potrete farvi guidare in una degustazione delle migliori annate. Sei aziende agricole in cinque territori che rappresentano i più grandi vitigni siciliani.
Il centro della Sicilia
Il wine resort La Foresteria Planeta è collocato in un punto strategico della Sicilia, tra siti archeologici e riserve naturali e rappresenta un ideale punto di partenza per cominciare a scoprire le bellezze dell’isola.
Godetevi la pace
Immersi nella tranquilla piscina, potrete godere di una vista sui vigneti che degradano dolcemente verso la costa e spariscono nel blu del mar Tirreno. Respirate gli aromi di erbe provenienti dal vicino giardino mentre rilassate corpo e mente, facendovi cullare dalla leggera brezza dei campi.
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Staying in Menfi

Capitale del crescente distretto enologico della Sicilia sud-occidentale, Menfi si estende dolcemente fino alle dune e le spiagge sabbiose della costa sottostante. La cittadina ha il fascino tranquillo dei posti autentici. Come molti posti in Sicilia, Menfi è un luogo vibrante di storia e leggende.  

È la posizione perfetta per partire alla volta della scoperta di Selinunte, Agrigento, Sciacca, Marsala e Mazara. Da vedere anche la vicina spiaggia di Porto Palo.

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