Laqua Vineyard
Laqua Vineyard
An Enchanting Country Resort, Where Time Stands Still
Laqua Vineyard
An Enchanting Country Resort, Where Time Stands Still
Laqua Vineyard
An Enchanting Country Resort, Where Time Stands Still
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Laqua Vineyard

Time seems to stand still at these out-of-town havens, where days and nights are given over to restore mental and spiritual balance. A place where to sip fine wines, surrounded by infinite vineyards and great landscapes with olive trees. Laqua Vineyard is a magnificent resort, the perfect place for lovers of wine, food, relax and nature. A fairytale in an enchanting resort in Tuscany, in the small village of Casanova, between Pisa and Volterra. The forth resort of the project Laqua by the Awarded Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and his wife Cinzia is an experiential journey, a sensory experience that is hard to forget. Very impressive is the way Antonino and Cinzia have preserved the integrity of the local old estate.  The resort, that occupies a country-house on two floors, is intimate, with its 6 spacious rooms that are all different but unique in refined style and richness of details. The well-equipped rooms, the quintessence of contemporary hospitality have their own traits, and their names are inspired to Gods of the Greek mythology. The restaurant, with its Michelin-Star cuisine, is light and furnished to a peak of luxury. The wellness area, together with the outdoor pool, with view on vineyards, is aimed at the regeneration of body and mind, that are connected each other in the process of restoring themselves.

Food & Drink

An intimate and modern restaurant, also with a private area, reflecting both appreciation for local ingredients and a global innovative approach. A blend of traditional recipes with a modern twist in a restaurant where choice to enjoy between a proposal that is half a la carte, half a tasting menu. To enrich the proposal, there’s also the opportunity to select a vegan menu, and every choice may be combined with an eclectic wine list from old and new-world selections that satisfy a variety of tastes. A wonderful and surprising restaurant with an eye towards finesse, that is anything but ordinary.


Six spacious luxury suites, equipped with a living area, a private kitchen, large bedrooms, and a private spacious bathroom want to evoke the concept of home with their intimate and familiar atmosphere, not forgetting the refined furnishing setting. Each room is unique in style and decoration, with attention to detail, and tells of a past that seems to be not far away. They have names of Greek gods, inspired by the elegancy and delicacy mythological love stories: Cupido, Afrodite, Narciso, Euridice, Dioniso, Penelope.
Stone, colored walls, and wooden beams create a magical atmosphere respecting the beauty of Tuscan setting.


Country boutique hotel
Casanova di Terricciola PI

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Points of View

Laqua Vineyard, a Theatre with a show within the show
The theatre is the undisputed protagonist of the architectonic project of Laqua Vineyard Restaurant, to which is inspired in shapes and design. Located in the village of Casanova, that housed right a theatre, the original building had originally dark environments. A careful study has reinvented the spaces, lighting up the areas with golden shades, dividing the spaces with curtains, in a play of fluid forms, with counters that remember theatre stages.
Food and Wine, a Perfect Marriage for Soul and Body
The aim of the Laqua Vineyard is paying homage to two ingredients, wine and food that complete and exalt each other. In a land of great traditions and history, vineyard products and raw materials, selected without compromises, are the exclusive ingredients to live a unique experience in total harmony with nature. The magic of vineyards is enriched by a culinary adventure of a skilled open kitchen crew.
Laqua Vineyard Wellness Suite, which Connects Wellbeing in all its Forms
In a universe of beauty and wellbeing, for a pleasure and relaxation experience, in a land of great traditions and history, the continuous dialogue with nature and the use of the best natural ingredients, is the key to the format of Laqua Vineyard Wellness Suite. An ideal refuge for every moment of escape, where enjoying of massages with grape-seed oil produced in Tuscan vineyards, in combination with other local essential oils with a strong antioxidant action.
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Staying in Casanova di Terricciola PI

Laqua Vineyard Resort is located in a small village of Casanova in Terricciola, a microcosm of pleasure, beauty and wellbeing in the heart of Tuscany, just 30 km far from Pisa. Ancient village of Etruscan origin, Terricciola is still a rural village with picturesque lanes and stone's stairs, where always to find quiet.

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