Laqua By The Sea
The timeless bright resort, suspended between sky and sea
Laqua By The Sea
The timeless bright resort, suspended between sky and sea
Laqua By The Sea
The timeless bright resort, suspended between sky and sea
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Laqua By The Sea

Peaking on the waves, in a light landscape, pervaded by the flavors of lemon and orange trees, surrounded by the rock, the Resort Laqua by the Sea dominates the sea of Sorrento.
Belonging to the project of the Awarded Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and his wife Cinzia, Laqua by the Sea is one of the four resorts with Water as main character. Located in Meta di Sorrento, it enjoys the immensity of a postcard of the Gulf of the Sorrento Peninsula. The 6 rooms of the Resort, with their elegant and bright wood design, their private heated infinity hot tubs, capture the sight, in a timeless skyline and ever changing tides and light. Designed according to the ancient Chinese Feng-Shui philosophy, the 6 rooms are harmonic havens to let stress go away, surrounded by soft white clouds to stop and think, ample spaces of light floating between sea and sky to encourage interior wellness.
A Resort opened on the sea, a perfect combination of comfort, style and refinement, which offers
quintessential luxury Italian hospitality, in a warm and modern tone. A journey of colors,  breath-taking views of the sea and its sunset, that remain in the memory for ever.

Food & Drink

Not so difficult to forget the daily routine, admiring the beauty of the blue sky and the power of the sea. Lulled by the sound of the water of the personal infinity hydromassage tub, present on the terrace of the
rooms, it is possible to start the day tasting delicious in-room breakfast delights. A moment of satisfying pleasure for all the senses, a journey through culinary traditions, local products and the fragrant specialties of Sorrentine Peninsula, with a particular attention to the freshness and seasonality of raw material used. A journey of flavors, colors and panoramas in a resort suspended between sea and sky, where lemon and orange trees grow.


5 deluxe rooms and 1 classic room, designed in accordance with Feng Shui philosophy. The elegant contemporary lines, offer both comfort and privacy, harmony and equilibrium, functionality and perfection. The king size beds in driftwood, the natural floor stoning, the large shower with smoked glass walls from which is possible to admire the breathtaking Sorrento Coast view, reflect the aim to create a connection with nature in every detail. The bright harmonious and well-balanced environment is enhanced by the private entrance to the splendid infinity pool on the terrace of the room.


Meta di Sorrento NA

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Points of View

An immersive relaxation experience for all the senses
An oasis of wellbeing dedicated to psychophysical regeneration and relax, to enjoy the peace and the discretion, striking the perfect balance of mind and soul. A place where to remove energy blocks, improve body alignment, and achieve emotional release, an immersion in wellness, focusing on qualitative rest thanks to the treatments offered, such as the Finnish sauna, the sensory tropical shower with chromotherapy, the hot tub, heated to 34 degrees Centigrade, relaxing massages with seashells.
The Charming Infinity Pool
In a place where the soul regains strength and energy, in the dream-like location of Sorrentine Peninsula, the sense of spiritual peace is evoked by the strength of the scenery and by the crystal air. The water is the key element. Lulled by the massage of the water of the infinity pool on the terrace of their own room, is particularly experienced.
Rooms Full of Sky, Coloured by Light to Taste all the Senses
The rooms embody the Feng-Shui philosophy, allowing to create harmonious bright spaces where to rediscover well-being and balance. The bed, in particular, has a sacred role, a profound positive energetic connection with man and his soul. This is the reason for choosing the king size bed, entirely of wood, to reduce anxiety, restlessness and to aid sleep.
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Staying in Meta di Sorrento NA

The resort is located in Meta di Sorrento, set on top of a cliff with a suggestive view of the coast of the Sorrento Peninsula. The village, which is located at about 100 mt above sea level, is just a few kilometers far from Sorrento and is typical for baroque palaces, picturesque alleys and breathtaking views. Meta, that smells of myth, is divided into two distinct parts: Meta upstairs, the internal area, and Meta below, in front of the coast.

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