Laqua By The Countryside
Laqua By The Countryside
The resort for who loves to get lost and find themselves again
Laqua By The Countryside
The resort for who loves to get lost and find themselves again
Laqua By The Countryside
The resort for who loves to get lost and find themselves again
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Laqua By The Countryside

Located in Ticciano, small fraction of Vico Equense, in the heart of Lattari Mountains in Campania, Laqua by the Countryside is an intimate resort, that makes its guests feel right at home. Nestled in the hills of Sorrentine peninsula, the luxury resort belongs to the collection Laqua, signed by the Awarded Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and his wife Cinzia. A great project that tells the story of the Chef Cannavacciuolo, a return to his origins, to his childhood. The splendid country house counts 6 personalized bedrooms and a sophisticated Michelin starred restaurant, with an open kitchen that allows the restaurant’s guests to enjoy the spectacular and meticulous culinary art. The selected raw materials come from the side organic vegetable garden, planted in the grounds of the property, in order to celebrate the genuine uncontaminated flavors of the territory and to celebrate its traditions.
To frame the resort, a swimming pool surrounded by the pristine nature and its perfumes, with a lounge area for drinks and light snacks. At the core of Laqua by the Countryside is a passion and unwavering love for excellence and hospitality to reveal the soul of the place where it lies. Who decide to treat themselves to a few days of relax, choose this locations where nature is the real protagonist, transforming the holiday into an all-round experience more than just memories.

Food & Drink

The restaurant of Laqua by the Countryside pampers its guests with recipes made with organic garden products and selected local products. A menu of skills and knowledges, sophisticated dishes and seasonal ingredients, which transforms a dinner into an experiential journey.Enjoyable and relaxing proposals, result of the creativity and experience of a Chef who cares to valorize the product culture, refreshing and innovating it constantly. The gastronomic experience can be combined to a not at all banal wine list, sophisticated, accurate and cultural.
It’s possible to choose between tasting menu or à la carte, admiring the spectacular open kitchen which works with elevated cuisine techniques.
A fine dining experience within a cozy, elegant and essential indoor space.


Inspired by an airy architecture, the 6 rooms of the resort offer an experienced sense of sanctuary, an invitation to switch off from the outside world with a sense of balance and harmony. Wide and lightened, each room is different from the other. The personalized rooms narrate the story of Cannavacciuolo’s childhood, a tribute to people who played a part in it, with a rustic and essential elegance: “La stanza della Nonna”, “La stanza del Tuttofare”, “La stanza dello Zio matto”, “La stanza del Curato”, “La stanza di Annarella” and “La stanza di Marina”. Each room is able to narrate an history, involving the visitor in an all-encompassing experience. Iconic objects, such as Olivetti typing machine, mark the interior and can be considered as furnishing accessories.


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Points of View

The Combination of Ancient and Modern, Experienced in every Corner of the Resort
The aim of this project is to preserve the historical memory of the traditions and of the territory, in a combination of old and new materials and objects, roots and innovation. The return to the Campania roots is clear from the use of materials and ancient techniques such as “coccio pesto” which consists in coating the floor with broken ceramic shards. Many pre-existing original tiles have been restored and redistributed, and the collection of sculptures created by Cannavacciuolo’s father, accompanies the journey.
The Vegetable Garden and its Products
Protagonist of the Resort is the countryside, with its rhythms, its balance and the products that grow in. The organic vegetable garden is the heartbeat of this enchanting place. With an area of over 1,000 square meters, it produces quality fruits, spices, and vegetables, used for the preparation of the authentic seasonable delights of the restaurant.
Amazing and Restorative Activities in the Splendid Environment of Sorrento Peninsula
Laqua by the Countryside invites its guest to many and unforgettable activities to enrich the journey and to discover the unrevealed and magical side of the Sorrento Peninsula. It is possible to choose between a cooking experience with the Michelin-starred Chef or to enjoy the outdoor pool or a vintage car ride along the Amalfi Coast.
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Staying in Ticciano-NA

The resort is located in Ticciano, a fraction of Vico Equense, that offers breathtaking landscapes with beautiful beaches and a charming historic center of medieval origins.
Vico Equense is located on the Sorrento Coast, between the Gulf of Naples, the Lattari Mountains and the Gulf of Salerno. The city is 40 km from Naples, 11 km from Sorrento and 8 km from Castellamare di Stabia.

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