Romantic Dinner

What is a romantic holiday without an intimate dinner? It might sound banal, but having dinner with your partner in an exclusive restaurant, with the perfect atmosphere, can be the best and significant romantic thing you can live. Imagine a

Five of Apulia’s most beautiful towns

Located in Italy’s southeastern tip, Apulia is a land of incredible beauty blessed with an endless variety of sights. From dreamy clusters of whitewashed houses nestled on the hills to quaint villages facing sparkling blue waters, a trip to this

Five beautiful villages to visit in South Tyrol

Surrounded by the spectacular peaks of the Dolomites, South Tyrol (also known as Alto Adige) is Italy’s northernmost region. Part of Austria up until the end of WWI, this splendid mountainous territory officially became Italian in 1919 but continues to

Where to go in the Val d’Orcia

If you’re looking for rolling vineyards, rural landscapes and medieval villages during your visit to Tuscany, then look no further than the Val d’Orcia in the south of the region. Recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2004, the

On the footsteps of Frederick II in Apulia

According to the ancient poems and sagas of the German people, Frederick Barbarossa is sleeping in a palace located in the heart of Germany, on the Kyffhaiuser mountain and awaiting the designated time to appear and rebuild the empire to

Five Beautiful Villages along the Chiantigiana Road

The Chiantigiana, less romantically known as the SR222, is a road in Tuscany that connects Florence and Siena and takes you on an incomparable road trip around the entire Chianti area. There are landscapes of rolling vineyards to see, and

Canelli’s Wine Cathedrals

Who said wine wasn’t a religious experience? Well, whoever it was, a trip to Canelli would certainly change their mind. This small, charming village in the Italian region of Piedmont is home to multiple subterranean wine cellars, which date back

A guide to the top places for a weekend in Franciacorta

The wine district of Franciacorta is the reign of Italian bubbles. Since the 1960s, excellent sparkling wines have been produced here using metodo classico, and today there are over 100 wineries where grapes are lovingly hand-harvested and visitors are welcomed to

Modena’s most marvellous vinegar!

When most people think of vinegar, their mind probably jumps straight to the kind you would sprinkle over your fish and chips, accompanied by a pinch (or handful depending on your tastes!) of salt. But for Italians, balsamic vinegar rules

Top Roman Relics to explore in Pozzuoli

If you’re an ancient history enthusiast, your first port of call may be to go to Rome, after all, it is the home of the famous Colosseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum. However, if you’re a true Roman enthusiast, then you

Why Venetian Palaces have an Ottoman influence

Travellers passing through the beautiful Venetian palaces often converted into magnificent hotels, have the opportunity to learn the incredible tale of the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice. Curious traveller and history lovers will find innumerable

How to trace the steps of the Medici family in Florence

Powerful. Affluent. Luxurious. These three words perfectly sum up the city of Florence itself, as well as the family who ruled it during the 15th – 18th Centuries. The Medici family, who became the powerhouse they are known as today

The who, what, where and why of biodynamic viticulture!

If you’ve started to research wine and wine-making, you may have come across the peculiar term of biodynamic viticulture. Though it may sound like a scary, complex, scientific process, it is in fact an alternative, holistic approach to wine making

Do you know Oltrepò Pavese?

Literally meaning “under the Po river”, Oltrepò Pavese is a tranquil area of the Lombardy region in Northern Italy. It is often referred to as the “Tuscany of the North”, yet unlike its regional competitor, it is less known to

Castles fit for a King

Barolo is famously referred to as “the King of wines”, and where do Kings live? In a castle of course! In the Barolo region of Piedmont, there are countless medieval hilltop villages with impressive castles that live up to the

Venice with Kids. Four Experiences Ready to Go

Travelling to Venice with kids is a magical experience. Venice gives the feeling of a sort of intimacy; the half-land half-water city is full of Venetians who take pride in their rich heritage. The colourful city’s breathtaking architecture is full

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